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Happy International Fisting Day!

Happy Fisting Day! Celebrate by fisting. Also celebrate by voting no on Proposition 60. h/t: Autostraddle       

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New Hillary Ad Champions LGBTQ Rights

There’s a new Hillary Clinton ad from the Human Rights Campaign, and it’s quite sweet. “Equality is about of course passing laws, but it…

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The Comment Awards Loves a Challenge

This week we’ve got feelings on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dana Scully, Katniss Everdeen and so much more! h/t: Autostraddle       

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Lady Gaga Shades Madonna; Twitter Erupts

It all began innocently enough; just your average promotional interview. On October 21, Lady Gaga made an appearance on Apple Music’s Beats 1 show,…

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Playlist: Such A Nasty Woman

Play these songs with the windows down today and drive past a white man’s house. Join the movement. h/t: Autostraddle       

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