10 Amazing LGBTQ Music Artists You Need To Start Listening To

Adam Lambert, Sam Smith, Ricky Martin and Melissa Ethridge are household names when it comes to LGBTQ music artists, but there are so many other LGBTQ acts out there that should to be recognized. To celebrate these deserving musicians, we’ve compiled this eclectic list of 10 music videos from some amazing lesser-known talents that we think you’ll love. (Note: Some videos are NSFW)

Let us know in the comments below who you liked the most and tell us who you would have liked to have seen on this list. Enjoy!

Lovur – Being Bad

Glenn Stewart – Little Miss John Wayne

Le1f – Koi

Youth Lagoon – Highway Patrol Stun Gun

Duo Raw – Devil in Me

Big Dipper – Vibin

Cakes Da Killa – Mixed Message

Lowell – I Love You Money

Shamir – In For The Kill

Sizzy Rocket – Bestie

Source:: Queerty

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