60 Incredible Titles Of Very Special Lesbian and Bisexual TV Episodes

We’ve been digging deep into television history for many many reasons this week (the fruits of some of our labors exist here and here), and I’ve been struck again and again by how goshdarn clever writers are when they title episodes with Lesbian/bisexual/queer lady content, theme or characters! No seriously… some of these are legit genius. And some of these are… something else. Which shows are they from? Some are shows with queer lady characters and some are shows that only entertained our persuasion for one or two episodes. Figuring out where these titles came from could be a fun game for you to play this weekend!

So below, ripped mercilessly out of context from the TV shows that birthed them, I present 60 titles of queer lady TV episodes from 1976-2016.

1. “Flowers of Evil”

2. “From San Francisco With Love”

3. “The Devil Wears Land’s End”

4. “Significant Others”

5. “Guess Who’s Coming Out to Dinner?”

6. “Spermin’ Herman”

7. “Sex With Pudding”

8. “The Deadlier Sex”

9. “Ladies Choice”

10. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

11. “Trial by Prejudice”

12. “Sugar and Spice”

13. “Wish You Were Queer”

14. “Passion Plundered”

15. “Norm and the Hopeless Case”

16. “Oy Vey, You’re Gay”

17. “Three Girls and a Baby”

18. “Lez be Friends”

19. “Ovulation Day”

20. “The Odds Couple”

21. “Woman to Woman”

22. “I Was a Teenage Lesbian”

23. “He’s a Crowd”

24. “Not Particularly Desperate Housewives”

25. “The One With the Lesbian Wedding”

26. “Rough Housing”

27. “I’ll Show You Mine”

28. “What Women Want”

29. “About Being Gay”

31. “Single Fright Female”

32. “Shorties in Love”

33. “Finger in the Dyke”

34. “Riding Bi-Cycles”

35. “The Wiener, the Bun and the Boob”

36. “Passion Fish”

37. “Bring Down the Hoe”

38. “The Penalty Box”

39. “Suzanne Goes Looking For a Friend”

40. “Lesbians Out Loud”

41. “Free To Be You and Me”

42. “Divine Secrets and the ZBZ Sisterhood”

43. “I Kissed A Girl”

44. “Homecoming Out”

45. “Lt. Jane Doe”

46. “P.C.”

47. “Strap-On”

48. “Girl’s Guide to Dating”

49. “New Moon Rising”

50. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

51. “Holy Lesbo Batman!”

52. “Two Girls, One Code”

53. “Lesbian Request Denied”

54. “The Rainy Day Women”

55. “Portraits of Lauren Gray”

56. “Coming and Going”

57. “She’s Got A Habit”

58. “A Very Strange Triangle”

59. “It’s Who You Sleep With”

60. “Looks Like A Lesbian Attack To Me!”

Source:: Autostraddle