80-Year-Old Woman Gets Fresh With Go-Go Boy At Honolulu Pride After Party

Over 500 people gathered at Bacchus Waikiki in Honolulu last weekend for Splashdown, the official Honolulu Pride after party, including an 80-something-year-old Hawaiian woman who got a little fresh with a go-go boy in broad daylight.

DJ Vaughn, who moved from Germany to Hawaii last year, was one of three disc jockeys spinning records at the party. Though he doesn’t know the woman’s name, he sees her around town every now and then.

“She sells handmade leis,” he tells Queerty in an email. “She is ususally seen at night in all the LGBT locations with her basket full of leis selling them to the customers. She enjoys being surrounded by the LGBT community.”

Vaughn describes the woman as “very quiet” though she does enjoy an “occasional dance move” when the mood strikes her.

Well, last Sunday the mood struck her in a big way. While everyone was getting down on Bacchus Waikiki’s outdoor patio/dance floor, the woman wandered in off the street. She shimmied over to a nearby go-go boy then tucked a dollar bill into his yellow short shorts.

Naturally, the crowd went wild, waving, cheering and offering high fives to the woman, who looked awfully proud of herself.

Seriously, we want this woman’s autograph.

DJ Vaughn caught the whole thing on camera. Scroll down for the amazing photos. And see more pictures of Honolulu Pride over at GayCities…




Photo credit: DJ Vaughn

Source:: Queerty

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