Ascension Dance Party Goes To Greece In Response To Fire Island Pines Boycott

There’s even more fallout from hotelier Ian Reisner’s enduringly unwise decision to host a party for GOP Ted Cruz at his glassy, glossy midtown monstrosity The Out NYC.

Organizers of the annual Ascension party have ceremoniously pulled out of hosting the modern Bacchanalia at a Reisner-owned venue on Fire Island, the party’s home for the last nine years. Instead, Ascension’s producer Eric Von Kuersteiner will be luring his Speedo-clad minions of flag dancers and glow stick twirlers to Mykonos, Greece.

While the official word is doused in sparkles and rainbow swirls — “the Fund wanted to find a special and unexpected way to produce the 10th Anniversary!” — Edge Media Network breathlessly reports that Von Kuersteiner shared a few choice words in a (theoretically) closed Facebook group.

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Alluding to the recent boycott of Reisner’s OUTpost Fire Island Pines properties, Von Kuersteiner writes: “I thought that the Boycott would have convinced Ian to do the right thing and sell. (He’s had offers since I withdrew mine.) Unfortunately, however, he has not. As I would not personally patronize any of his properties, I cannot in good conscience support his businesses with any additional revenue that Ascension brings to the Pines every year.”

If taking your throbbing hi-NRG party all the way to another continent sounds a bit extreme, keep in mind that Reisner — who not only hosted the Cruz event but donated $2,700 to his campaign fund — ill-advisedly told New York: “Gays are cheap… gays are entitled… Do you know how challenging it is to make a penny off a gay person?”

Hmm. Well, several thousand of those cheap gays are rearranging flight plans to attend a dance party in Mykonos, Greece.
h/t: Gay Star News

Source:: Queerty

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