Bob The Drag Queen’s Inevitable Single “Purse First” Just Dropped

Ah, the finishing lap of another season of RuPaul‘s Drag Race and all the self-promotion that comes with it.

With the winner being presented to the world tonight at 9/8c on Logo, it’s the perfect time for a half-assed single to hit the interwebs.

But this time, we’re happy to report it’s a full-ass delivery with Bob the Drag Queen’s “Purse First.”

From the get-go, Bob was in this game to play, so it’s no real shock that he’d be the queen to be exiting season 8 with a catch phrase.


It’s even less of a surprise that it’s his entry point into the post Drag Race world.

Bob, you’re a queen of the people no matter how things turn out at the finale.

Watch the first verse (and subsequent verses) of BtDQ’s vogue-heavy “Purse First” below:

h/t: Queerty


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