Broadway Hunk Matt Doyle Shows Audience His Diaphragm And Then Some

In light of Steve Grand’s recent tirade against Queerty for only ever featuring him in his underwear (or less), we will take the high road on this one as to avoid accusations of “slut-shaming.” (To quote Wet Hot American Summer: “I love sluts! Sluts rock! It’s just, you know, it’s just gotta be the right slut, you know?”)

And so, out of respect, we will not mention how adorable Broadway’s Matt Doyle looked when he got up on stage with The Skivvies in his — get this — skivvies. See what they did there?

Got it? We will not be bringing up Matt’s good-sported self-objectification in a tight pair of Calvin Klein boxer-briefs. Nor will we note his gym-toned body or washboard abs. The old Queerty might have gone there, but times have changed. We won’t bring up his adorable back-up ukulele player, either.

It’s all about the music.

Watch below, and avoid the temptation to call Matt sexy. We’re sure he wouldn’t want that.

What’s he singing, anyways? A boy band medley? OK, that’s pretty damn cute.

Watch below:

Source:: Queerty

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