Christian College Cancels Bake Sale For Gay Youth, Students Raise $10,000 Anyway

All students at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI wanted to do was hold a bake sale to help Fierce Chicago, a non-profit organization that assists homeless LGBT youth. But when college administrators learned about it, they demanded the sale be cancelled. Evidently, helping disenfranchised gay children is in direct “conflict” with the university’s “mission and practices.”

The bake sale was being organized by AULL4One, the university’s unofficial gay-straight alliance, which has approximately 80 members, but is forbidden from advertising on campus due to the school’s affiliation with the antigay Seventh Day Adventist Church.

In an e-mail to the students, AU Dean of Student Life Steve Yeagley said the university was forbidding the bake sale because “funds may be raised for non-profit organizations ‘whose mission and practices do not conflict with those of the University.’”

Yeagley continued by saying that there was “a perceived conflict between the mission and practices of Andrews University and those of Fierce Chicago — certainly not in their efforts to aid homeless youth, but in their approach to the LGBT issue, at large.”

“As a result,” the e-mail concluded, “we can and will support LGBT homeless youth through organizations whose mission and purpose clearly align with the religious mission and purpose of our university and its sponsoring church.”

In other words: Andrews University is happy to help raise money for homeless youth, just so long as they’re not gay or being served by an organization that doesn’t take a proactive stance against “the LGBT issue.”

So instead of a bake sale, students at Andrews University have created an IndieGoGo page to send donations to Fierce Chicago. They hoped to raise $2,000. So far, they have raised nearly $10,000 with 26 days to go.

Sorry, administrators, you lose.

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Source:: Queerty

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