CNN catches Paul Ryan on hot mic saying how he REALLY feels about cleaning up Trump’s mess

Not that he deserves any sympathy whatsoever, but we can’t imagine being Paul Ryan right now, or any other high-ranking Republican not in Trump’s immediate circle, for that matter.

What must his daily routine look like these last couple of weeks?

Wake up, have a coffee, read the news, take some deep cleansing breaths, then go out into the world and defend whatever garbage Trump has recklessly flung at the world next.

Of course, the fact that Ryan agrees with most of Trump’s agenda speaks volumes, but he’s still left to deal with the chaos of it all.

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Occasionally we see behind the curtain at what is really happening, and if this hot-mic video of Ryan leaving a border security press conference is to be believed, he’s not the happiest of campers.

Earlier in the press conference, Ryan says that he thinks, “it’s regrettable that there was some confusion on the rollout of this.”

Then after giving some information on when he was told about Trump’s travel ban, he walks away from the podium and a voice that sounds a whole lot like Ryan’s is caught saying “waste of my f*cking time.”

At least that’s how it aired on CNN.

Watch below — the obscenity can be heard at the 1:16 mark:

h/t: Queerty


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