Darren Criss Asks Hedwig Fans Not To Spoil His Big Finish

Darren Criss is the fifth performer to slip into Hedwig’s heels for the Tony Award-winning Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, with the show’s original star and co-creator John Cameron Mitchell having just finished his extended run.

But despite the fact that Neil Patrick Harris, Andrew Rannells, Michael C. Hall and JCM have been putting on makeup not to mention turning on the 8-track since the production opened last year, Criss is concerned some overzealous fans might share a little too much of his performance on social media.

He recently tweeted:

My humble request for people seeing #HedwigOnBway is maybe not tweet what she ends up doing on stage- don’t wanna spoil it for everyone…

— Darren Criss (@DarrenCriss) April 29, 2015

… But definitely get folks to come see the show! I just think it’s more fun that way. Let’s promote w/out ruining the goods. Love ya all!

— Darren Criss (@DarrenCriss) April 29, 2015

In keeping with Darren’s wishes, we won’t say much more than that. Suffice to say audience members will be treated to seeing a bit more of Criss than they’re used to.

John Cameron Mitchell will be honored with a special Tony Award for his bewitching (not to mention hilarious) return to his character and show that have inspired so many since its late ’90s off-Broadway run and 2001 film. And count Darren among the inspired.

He also tweeted this salute to the show:

For those of you who think #HedwigOnBway will be your first Bway show, it won’t…

— Darren Criss (@DarrenCriss) April 29, 2015

… It’ll be your first Hedwig experience (and hopefully a great one you’ll come back to see!) THEN you can go see your first bway show…

— Darren Criss (@DarrenCriss) April 29, 2015

… What I’m saying is, she’s in a class of her own. #HedwigOnBway is its own wild animal and I hope it rips you up like one. Seeya there.

— Darren Criss (@DarrenCriss) April 29, 2015

Source:: Queerty

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