Defenders Of Christmas Outraged Over Starbucks’ “New” Polar Bear Massacre Cookies

First it was those meaningless red cups, and now this?!

Starbucks’ latest front in the war on Christmas, if we are to believe the droves of knee-jerk “activists” on Twitter, come in the deceptively evil form of a sugar cookie.

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Baked deep into these delicious doughy delights is the coffee giant’s message: death to Christmas.

See for yourself:

first starbucks doesn’t support christmas and now they encourage killing polar bears. smh

— ZiAD (@ZiadChehadeh1) December 10, 2015

Ok so Starbucks gets rid of their Christmas cups then they slit polar bear throats on their cookies?

— Davin Lee (@davinreader) December 11, 2015

Except there’s one relevant detail these folk (and there are many, many similar posts decrying foul play across social media) may want to keep in mind: The cookies in question were part of the 2010 holiday menu at Starbucks, and haven’t been sold since. Related: Our Favorite Starbucks Red Cup Anti-Christmas Memes (So Far!) For those wondering what devilish confections are in store this year, here’s a preview:

@Lashtons_1D Tell her we have an ugly sweater cookie coming next week! — Starbucks Coffee (@Starbucks) December 12, 2015

Ugly? Seems a little judgy if you as us…boycott Starbucks’ war on beauty standards!

Source:: Queerty

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