“Go-Go Boy Interrupted” Returns, And This Dancer Is Out To Conquer The Gay World

Danny is back and more awkward than ever!

Season two of Jimmy Fowlie‘s Go-Go Boy Interrupted is finally here — well, the first two episodes — and if you didn’t think much of West Hollywood before, just wait until you see it through the eyes of a struggling, aging go-go boy.

In Danny’s L.A., the dollars come at a high cost (namely, giving lunchtime lap dances in seedy surrounds), the bitchiness flies fast and free, and braces are an accessory to look younger. Like, a lot younger.

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Fowlie, who writes and stars in the web series, tells Queerty shooting season two was a whole different beast from season one:

“There wasn’t as much pressure the first season, since we didn’t know if anyone would watch. Plus the crew was so janky! There was a camera guy, and a sound guy.”

But people did watch, and Jimmy was able to raise nearly $70k on Kickstarter to cover season 2.

“Season 2 there were PA’s, and a hair and make up person, a production designer, an AC (whatever the FUCK that is), a script supervisor. And on the first day I was so overwhelmed. People would be like, ‘What do you think of this outfit? What do you think of this napkin?’ and I was like ‘ahh..I don’t know.’”

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And there wasn’t just pressure to get the right cocktail napkins.

“We raised all this money so if it was bad, it’d be super fucking embarrassing.”

Well good thing it’s not, then. We’re thrilled to finally see Danny fumble his way towards success again — in his underwear, of course.

Check out episodes one and two below, which feature familiar faces like Fowlie, Brian Jordan Alvarez and Scott Evans (if you didn’t hear, he’s Chris’ bro), and newcomer Willam as one seriously tough boss and Heather Morris as a pregnant dancer:

h/t: Queerty


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