Guess which smokin’ hot model/actor just came out as gay…

This just in: Zander Hodgson is G-A-Y gay.

The British-born model, actor, and Instagram star, who has appeared on the hit U.K. soap Coronation Street and the U.K. version of Shameless, came out as gay in a video posted to his YouTube channel this week.

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“I wanted to tell everyone that I am gay, and although that doesn’t change anything for me, and hopefully not for you, I just thought it was a really important thing to share with everyone, because it is…” the 27-year-old blonde bombshell says in the video.

He continues, “Although I say sexuality is a small part of someone, if you shut it off, then you don’t allow yourself to be fully known. If you shut off one thing of yourself, then you shut off so many other things.”

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“Being able to get close to someone is hard when you don’t allow yourself to fully connect and be known as who you are. And it’s a really important part of me. And it makes me who I am.”

Zander, who has over 85,000 Instagram followers, says he initially hesitated to come out for fear that it might could damange his acting career, but he’s since decided he’d “rather be myself” than “suppress myself anymore.”

Going into the acting industry as a gay man is not very welcoming. There aren’t many gay actors out there in my age range that I feel I can relate to. I don’t think there are many opportunities out there for gay men to play straight roles. While I love watching films about gay relationships, where straight actors have taken on the role, I’m also questioning more and more–why is a straight actor in that role when there are so many gay actors out there that could be taking that role?

He adds: “If I do get pushed aside because I’m a gay actor now, and that’s not marketable enough, then so be it. I’d rather live a full life. I’d rather be myself. I’d rather go on my journey and not suppress myself anymore.”


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h/t: Queerty