Here’s Why Drag Isn’t Blackface, Mary Cheney

Oh, Mary Cheney, what were you thinking when you wrote on your Facebook wall that you don’t understand why drag is OK and blackface isn’t? Did you really mean it, or were you just looking for news ways to troll, aside from fundraising for antigay politicians?

Whatever Cheney’s motivations were, she’s not the first person to suggest that drag and blackface are equivalent. If can be a little difficult to articulate a relevant reason why! You might say “drag has a long tradition,” but so does blackface. Tradition doesn’t make something good. You might say “drag doesn’t seek to denigrate anyone,” but that’s exactly how blackface supporters would defend it, by claiming that “it’s all in good fun.”

You might even try to dodge the question by pointing out that Mary Cheney sucks and is ugly. Well, if that’s your argument, then you suck and your soul is ugly. Ignoring someone’s question simply because you don’t like them is what conservatives do all the time. And criticizing an idea expressed by a woman by critiquing her physical appearance is just about the definition of misogyny, so knock it off.

Instead, how about you answer the question by watching the video below, in which multimedia idea-man Matt Baume explains the differences between drag and blackface. Then he gives Mary Cheney what-for, not because she asked a question about drag but because she’s supported some really truly terrible politicians.

Source:: Queerty

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