“I Have A Girlfriend And Don’t Want To Lose My Friends” And Other Confessions From Gay Athletes

What’s it like to be gay in sports? Well, better than it used to be — that’s for sure.

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But “better” doesn’t necessarily mean “good.”

Below, hear from more guys on Whisper who are dealing with being gay in the still largely homophobic arena that is team sports:



I came out to a couple of the guys on my basketball team and now they

I play football and I

I just joined my college wrestling team. I keep thinking that the other guys know I


I play college football and my biggest fear is someone finding out I

My football coach said he didn

I play college football and I

It sucks being a gay athlete because you can

I play rugby and am quite masculine but I

I hate my hockey team because they use "gay" as an insult. They don





h/t: Queerty


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