James Longman’s gym buddy, Colton Haynes’ finger, & Pietro Boselli’s sweatpants

This week Adam Rippon needed a rough top and 400 condoms, an Illinois Democrat became the first politician to advertise on an adult site, and Bob the Drag Queen dragged her fans on Twitter. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Cristiano Ronaldo showed off his abs.

Colton Haynes flipped the bird.

TV presenter Darren Kennedy posed for Attitude.

Julian Serrano looked down.

Matteo Lane stood in the shower.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman hit the beach.

Locky Brownlie took a drink.

Charlie King went paddle boarding.

Ari Gold played in the sand.

Pietro Boselli designed a pair of sweatpants.

Brad James asked for tattoo advice.

Terry Miller went to bed.

The Game took Norway.

Titanius Maximus shared his biggest fantasy.

James Longman grabbed a workout buddy.

Nolan Gould sat in the hot tub.

Chad Johnson did some work.

David McIntosh pulled up his shorts.

Pita Taufatofua booked a cooking show.

Tyson Beckford showed off his summer bod.

Wilson Cruz was hungry.

Zayn Malik was overexposed.

Eliad Cohen looked at the ocean.


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And Justin Bieber welcomed the storm.

h/t: Queerty