Karma Gives Russell Tovey A Crusty Butt Cheek For A Week

It looks like karma has come to bite Russell Tovey in the butt (literally!) after questionable comments he made about effeminate gay men to The Guardian earlier this week.

Tovey received heat for calling effeminate gay men “tapdancing freaks” who like to “prance around” and “sing in the street.” Many accused the Looking star of perpetuating the idea that that femme is bad and masculine is good.

He later took to Twitter to apologize for the remarks, saying he didn’t articulate himself well. But that didn’t stop self-proclaimed “professional effeminate homosexual” Alec Mepa from releasing a statement in defense of “young sissy boys” and expressing his “disappointment” with Tovey.

Well, we can all relax now. Because Mr. Tovey has been sufficiently punished for his misguided behavior.

While in Australia filming his new BBC series Banished, the 33-year-old revealed that he developed “a crusty bum cheek.”

During an interview with the U.K.’s This Morning, Tovey talked about what it was like to film Down Under during the height of summer: “I did have a grub on my tongue and I could feel it pulsating… I was retching. It was gross.”

“We had leeches,” he continued, “and there was one time we were filming in the bush and production rung me up and said, ‘Someone has got six ticks on their body that they’ve found, so can you check yourself?’ and I said I was fine and went back to the U.K.”

Turns out, he wasn’t fine. A week later, Tovey found a tick feasting on his butt cheek.

He was in the shower when he made the startling discovery, which sent him into a panic.

“I twisted it around and then went on Twitter and they were like, ‘No, you’re not meant to twist it – you’re going to get Lyme disease’,” he said. “So I called my mum who said, ‘Go down to A&E’ and it was fine. I had a crusty butt cheek for about a week which I was paranoid about.”

We’re glad that happened. The scores have been settled. Now we can go back to loving the heck out of him. (Although it might take some time to get those images of blood-sucking leeches and grubby tongues out of our heads.)

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