Let’s congratulate this Jurassic World actor for marrying his hunky hubby

BD Wong — the sexy actor best known as Dr. Huang from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Professor Hugo Strange in Gotham and Dr. Henry Wu in the Jurassic Park films —married Richard John Frederickson Schnorr, his partner of eight years in a Brooklyn ceremony.

A lot of Wong’s Twitter fans apparently didn’t realize the Asian-American actor is gay. And they’re not only celebrating his marriage but the fact that he appeared on last night’s American Horror Story: Apocalypse as a warlock who played piano for none other than witchy gay music icon Stevie Nicks.

Schnorr posted a shot from their special day along with other shots taken with Wong over the years.

Schnorr’s Instagram account also has many shots of him flexing at the gym and dancing in skimpy swimsuits (we know you are not interested, but we couldn’t help get lost in the account for a few days).

Wong’s fan’s took to Twitter to congratulate the actor on his recent nuptials.

Wong’s appearance on last night’s American Horror Story: Apocalypse also had some fans pretty emotional as well.

Congrats to the happy couple! (Oh, and good luck with the Apocalypse, you talented warlock, you.)

h/t: Queerty