Mad Men’s Kit Williamson Announces Engagement To Longtime Boyfriend And Costar

We’ve been together for more than eight years. We kind of resisted marriage at first because we were already committed to one another, but all the progress that’s happened over the last few years, and the likelihood of a favorable Supreme Court ruling in June, has made us really think about what marriage means to us and our relationship. To deny our right to get married is to deny our relationship’s validity. It amazes me to think that my Mad Men character, Ed Gifford, would not have been able to legally marry a non-Caucasian woman in Mississippi before 1967. It wasn’t until Loving v. Virginia that the Supreme Court ruled state bans on interracial marriage violated the constitution.We all have a right to love, a right to happiness, and a right to find a partner in life.”

Kit Williamson, who plays copywriter Ed Gifford on Mad Men, in a statement announcing his engagement to fellow actor John Halbech, with whom he costars on Logo’s EastSiders

Source:: Queerty

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