Male Strippers Grind To Victory On “Britain’s Got Talent”

When 27-year-old Lewis from London starts singing, Simon Cowell is immediately unimpressed though that didn’t stop the ladies in the audience from readying their panties to throw on stage.

But just as he’s warming up, Lewis seems to experience technical difficulties and is joined by some “crew” guys.


Surprise, surprise! — they’re strippers (officially the Forbidden Nights) and next thing you know — the shirts are off and the panties are flying at the mic stand.

Panties and judge David Walliam’s boxer briefs.


Of course no male stripper performance would be complete without a tearaway pant.


Lewis had the audacity to think he could get away with standing around wearing trousers but the audience and judges chanted those pants right off.


Meanwhile, David took an opportunity to quench this pocket stud’s thirst…


And in true stunt queen fashion, parlayed it into a very sweaty group hug.


Even Simon was taken by the Forbidden Nights and they were unanimously voted to the next round. Check out why in the clip below:

Les Fabian Brathwaite — never met a pant that didn’t need tearing away.

Source:: Queerty

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