Man Discovers His Male Lover Is Engaged… To A Woman! Now What?!

What do you do when you discover the guy you’ve been messing around with is engaged… to a woman… and he has two young children? That’s what one 29-year-old U.K. man wants to know.

“I met a cute gay man online but have just found out he’s due to get married next month–to a woman,” he explains to advice columnist Deidre.

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The man says the two met online and “soon bared our all on the webcam.”

“We arranged to meet up but I checked him on Facebook beforehand,” he says. “I was shocked to see he is engaged to a woman and has two little kids.”

But the plot thickens.

The man continues: “Not only that but he’s friends with an old pal of mine. I spoke to her and she said his fiancée was thrilled to be tying the knot at last.”

“My friend begged me not to speak to her because she had just bought a house with her fella,” the man explains. “She said I should talk to the guy, so I did, but he didn’t seem bothered. Should I tell his fiancé?”

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Deidre breaks the situation down pretty quickly.

“He is clearly leading a double life and that rarely ends well,” she says in her response. “But blowing his cover won’t make it OK.”

She continues: “Talk to him, though. Say you hope he’s not risking his fiancé’s sexual health and that if he’s hurting her then he’ll also be hurting his kids.”

“Let’s hope that that pricks his conscience,” she concludes.

What do you think? Should this man confront his paramour about the double life he is leading, or should he alert the fiancé? Sound off in the comments section below.

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