Man Kills Roommate And Has Sex With Her Body Before Getting A Haircut

A Florida man was arrested at a barber shop when police say he decided to get a haircut after killing his roommate (pictured above) and having sex with her corpse.

Bryan Santana, 20, of Orlando confessed to choking and stabbing Shelby Fazio, 23, Tuesday morning.

His arrest report reads,

He stated that he later had sexual intercourse with her body after she was dead.

Santana’s other roommate, 23-year-old John Heermance, came home at 9 am to find a trail of blood leading to Fazio’s room.

He saw Santana in the bathroom washing blood off his hands.

Heermance grabbed his cell phone and car keys to alert the police, but Santana attacked him with pepper spray and a knife.

He was able to escape, however, leaving the home to find help. Santana then left with Fazio’s car.

The report states,

He said he was looking for a Walmart to find a fake gun like a BB gun so he could point it at a police officer so they would shoot him.

But not before getting a haircut.

Santana walked into Euro Cuts at about 11 am, telling barber Bernard Brown he wanted to look good for a date.

Brown told the Orlando Sentinel,

He was nervous, but I thought he was just in a rush.

A police officer walked in during the haircut and asked to speak with Brown, ignoring Santana.

Brown was told to finish his haircut after he identified Santana, and thought his customer had at most stolen a car.

Santana left a $15 tip and walked out to five police officers waiting to arrest him.

He was booked in Orange County Jail and charged with first degree murder and attempted murder.

via Orlando Sentinel, Photo Courtesy: Facebook (The above image pictures the victim. The faces of the other persons pictured have been blurred within the article.)

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