Memoir That Describes Being Lusted After By Anderson Cooper Gets A Sleek Noir Trailer

Well this is certainly one way to sell a book.

In a new memoir titled Tides of Vanity, self-described “jetset heir of a Montreal real-estate empire” Jay Quint (pictured right) tells a tale of young adulthood studded with “drugs, sex, vanity, [and] a sordid cast of Miami and L.A. scenesters.”

The book also promises some juicy accounts of “sultry nights being romanced by Anderson Cooper” during which the famous silver fox reportedly laid it on extra thick.

And in what by our accounts is a first (correct us if we’re wrong), a film noir-style video starring the author is making the rounds to generate interest. It features Quint, a dramatic reading by drag queen Manila Luzon, as well as a very unwrapped Pablo Hernandez.

Sounds like some delicious summer reading.

Watch below:

Source:: Queerty

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