Milan Christopher proves he’s a marketing giant in hyper-revealing video

Openly gay hip hop artist Milan Christopher doesn’t get out of bed unless he’s naked, greased up, and intent on breaking the Internet into a million tiny little pieces that can never be repaired, no matter how hard we try.

Christopher knows all about trying hard — whether it’s posing way nude in Paper; strutting around in Halloween costumes that boldly challenge Instagram’s censorship policy; or kickin’ it poolside in ridiculously revealing swimwear.

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In a new Instagram post, the rapper promotes his new single with a raunchy striptease, aided only by some tinkling piano arpeggios and a strategically placed towel. You can watch those NSFW antics here.

In case that’s too rich for your blood, feel free to peruse these more “tasteful” shots of Christopher, for you are a person of decorum and propriety.

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