New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Reads Erotic Fan Fiction About Himself

New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski is the stuff that dreams are made of. Mostly wet dreams.

But he’s also proven himself to be a damn good sport by agreeing to read aloud from a piece of erotic fan fiction titled A Gronking To Remember by Lacey Noonan at the recent Super Bowl Media Day in Arizona.

Here’s a clip of the poetic reading, in which Rob recites with poise: “In front of the entire country, Gronk’s spike impacts right between my buttcheeks.”

Gronkowski, for the record, has also said he’d be cool with a gay teammate. Asked about it, he replied:

“If that’s how they are, that’s how they are. I mean, we’re teammates so, as long as he’s being a good teammate and being respectful and everything, that’s cool.”

The book is described on Amazon as a “super-sexy, sex-filled story of wanton lust with a super-sexy, sex-filled happy ending.” Guess that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Even at $2.50, we’re thinking it’s priced a bit high.

Gronkowski, on the other hand, does leave a few things to the imagination.

Case in point:






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Source:: Queerty

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