Oliver Hudson Embarrassed Tom Jones With His Graphic Tale Of Manscaping

If you’ve followed the exploits of Oliver Hudson, Scream Teens actor and spawn of Goldie Hawn, you already know he’s not exactly a shrinking violet. After all, his main photo on his Instagram account is a pic of his butt. Still, while we’re not the pearls-clutching types, we were ill-prepared for just how forthcoming Hudson was while making a guest appearance on Conan when he detailed his recent visit to a, ahem, hair salon in New Orleans when he decided to get a Bro-zilian (the male equiv of the Brazilian bikini wax, natch). Fellow guest Tom Jones, who is totally down with the gays, is equal parts amused and horrified at being dragged into the thick of things. The actor said that even though he keeps it tight down there, his wife, actress Erinn Bartlett “treated” him to the hair-removing sesh at her favorite spa so he could experience what she has to go through to keep her pubic region trimmed and neat and she promised him “things.”

Eventually, Jones gets unwillingly pulled into the conversation by Hudson, who speculates that he also keeps it tight. Awkward.

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Watch the manscaping chat below.

Source:: Queerty

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