PHOTOS: So Many Men In Underwear!

The Underwear Expert directed your attention to a lot of interesting underwear trends and jaw-dropping photo shoots last year. But for this roundup, they wanted your eyes focused on them, and no one else. Why? Because these Underwear Expert exclusives won’t be seen anywhere else — in their completion that is.

A few brands sent images their way as special treats to showcase their new lines. Some models sat down with them for exclusive interviews, letting everyone in on more than their sculpted physiques. And then there are the wildly talented photographers. They shot exclusive photo shoots we’re still thinking about.

As it turns out, the men’s underwear world loves The Underwear Expert. The roundup below is only some of the highlights.

You can see a full list of exclusives on The Underwear Expert.


Photo Credit: Marco Ovando, Adrián C. Martín, The Underwear Expert

Source:: Queerty

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