Recently Unearthed 1964 Antigay Pamphlet Is The Most Homoerotic Thing Ever

Just in time for Pride season, Miami New Times has uncovered a pamphlet published by Florida lawmakers in the January 1964 that somehow manages to be the most homophobic and homoerotic materials ever produced.

The pamphlet, “Homosexuality and Citizenship in Florida,” was written by the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee in response to the growing number of homosexuals reported in the state. Imagine, gay men flocking to sun and beaches!

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However, the committee embarked on a gay witch hunt rather than conducting research. First, it went into Florida’s schools and fired nearly 40 professors and deans from Florida universities and revoked the licenses of over 70 public school teachers for being “suspected homosexuals.” Several students were also expelled for being gay.

After the mass exodus of gays from the school system, committee members wrote up a report, dubbed the “Purple Pamphlet” for its lavender cover, intended for “every individual concerned with the moral climate of the state.”

“Homosexuality is, and far too long has been, a skeleton in the closet of society,” the pamphlet begins, before spewing pages upon pages of homophobic nonsense.

But in between the antigay rants are smatterings of softcore gay porn images like this one:

And this one:


Which might have just more than a few people some fun ideas. The pamphlet also includes a “gay glossary” packed with slang terms used by the homosexuals. Some of the words include a “fairy,” who is defined as “interested only in sex with any man,” a “creep,” who is defined as “a homosexual or normal person who is disgusting to the average or normal gay person in all ways,” and a “piss elegant,” which is defined as “a homosexual who brags or is outwardly conceited.”

LOL. We can think of several people we could fit into each category today, and love them all.

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If you ask us, the whole thing is the “dog’s lunch.” (“Either a normal person or a gay person whose looks and actions are unattractive to the point of non-association.”)

Scroll down to read the full glossary…









Source:: Queerty

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