Sam Smith shows off his tiny d*ck on Instagram

If you’ve reached a place in life where cufflinks become a regular staple in your wardrobe, chances are you have the means to buy whichever darn cufflinks that sparkle for you.

Sam Smith has reached that place — just imagine how many red carpets the 25-year-old crooner has sauntered down.

Smith recently photographed his brand new Vivienne Westwood cufflinks, and we’re hard-pressed to come up with a pair we could possible like any better.

Très chic!

The “Too Good At Goodbyes” singer calls them his “cock cuff links”, but “cock links” would have gotten the point home just the same with a little more oomph.

As per the thank you note, the CCLs were a gift from the Paul Edmonds London hair and beauty salon.

Something tells us there was champagne involved, too.

h/t: Queerty