Sean Hayes Gets Hopped Up On Sugar, Turns Into Barbra Streisand

Consuming too much holiday candy can be dangerous, not just to the waist line, but it can result in a sugar high which can lead to twitchiness, spasms, hyper excitability and becoming convinced that you’re Barbra Streisand. Trust. It happened to Sean Hayes. One minute the entertainer was chowing on some Christmas delicacies and the next he’s in the sugar zone lip-syncing to Barbra’s classic jazzy rendition of “Jingle Bells” all over the house and front yard. Be careful out there over the holidays, people.

Watch Hayes go dashing through the snow without his one-horse sleigh below.

“Jingle Bells” (S&S) – Lip-Sync VideoWhat a rush.

Posted by Sean Hayes on Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Source:: Queerty

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