Sexy Body-Positive Photo Series Challenges Perceptions Of Male Beauty

“I started this series to bring body positivity to the queer male community and to celebrate the many different shapes and sizes within it,” photographer Adam Moco tells Queerty about his most recent series Bare. “I primarily use gay hookup apps to find models. For Bare, I also opened it up to people in my daily life because I wanted to showcase a wide variety of men.”

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Moco, A Toronto native who is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, says he hopes to challenge how some gay men speak about their various types and preferences, specifically guys who write things like “no fats,” “no femmes” or “no Asians” on their dating profiles.

“What concerns me is users whose online dating profiles are restrictive and blatantly rude in how they project preferences,” he explains. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with having sexual preferences, but I do think the way preferences are expressed is wrong.”

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Moco continues: “There is a difference between preferences and tastes versus outright racism, sizeism and the like, and it’s the latter that is problematic. Bare is my way of creating an inclusive platform for those who want to celebrate their bodies.”

Scroll down for a sampling of Moco’s BARE series, and see more at his website










h/t: Queerty


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