The Autostraddle Insider: Issue 18, December 2015, With Extra Holiday Cheer

1st row L to R:  Lyn's first web development presentation, Stef with GWAR, Olga hiking Mons Klint, Heather's Mammaw came to NYC, Molly adopted a dog, Brittani wrote and filmed Suicide Kale, Carmen was Bruno Mars at A-Camp
2nd row L to R: Chelsey & Erin went to Diagon Alley, Yvonne went to LA, Erin did a writing project, Raquel joined IBM Design Camp, KaeLyn & Waffle went to Sleep No More, Beth went to GayBiGayGay, Audrey went to Venice Beach
3rd row L to R: Ali hiked Joshua Tree, Chloe hung out with Megan Smith, Maree celebrated May Day, Alaina made their rap debut, Rachel went to House on the Rock, Haley & Simone met Juniper
4th row L to R: Mey got her named changed, Laura went inside a volcano, Riese was the Queen of String Cheese, Maddie went to a canyon, Aisha did a reading with Maggie Nelson, Crystal & Katie's first dance all married up, Isabel made a documentary in Mexico
5th row L to R: Karly adopted a dog, Aja met Janet Mock, Laneia & Megan plucked honeysuckles before their wedding, Carmen sneaked in this shot of her driving to LA, Alex went to Mammoth with Kai & Mary (not pictured), Nikki was Uncle Jessie have mercy, Kayla premiered her webseries Sidetrack

“I’m going to shower and then dig a hole in the grass outside and then bury myself in it and come out when I think everyone has forgotten I ever existed, then I’m going to move to colorado and make soap.”

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