This homophobic troll got owned by his victim in the most elaborate way possible

Ben Phillips confronts a homophobic troll on video screenshot

When YouTuber Ben Phillips, best known for his elaborate prank videos, was attacked by a troll on Twitter, he got the perfect revenge. He staged a zombie invasion with the help of the troll’s girlfriend.

“You and your retarded brother needs to get a life, you bunch of faggots!!,” the troll sent Phillips over Twitter.

“I do not agree with negative terms about someone’s sexuality. It’s disgusting.  And one thing I definitely don’t agree with is using derogatory terms against someone’s disability,” Phillips says in the video.

And then gets, what may arguably called the most elaborate revenge ever concocted.

Watch it below and get ready to guffaw. Be sure to stay till the end for the confrontation between Phillips and the troll.


Posted by Ben Phillips on Saturday, July 8, 2017

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h/t: Queerty