Tom Daley’s “dad bod,” KJ Apa’s big fight, & Locky Brownlie’s crop top

This week a County Durham drag queen pushed her bigoted mayor into early retirement, Panic At The Disco’s Brendon Urie admitted he’s “attracted to men,” and new fathers Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black were promptly accused of child abuse. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Ricky Martin laid out in Spain.

Sachin Bhatt walked through the woods.

Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness spent the week on Fire Island.

KJ Apa got ready to fight.

Matt Doyle perused his record collection.

Darren Kennedy showed off his Louis Vuitton.

Chris Marchant started a chicken fight.

Derrick Gordon broke a sweat in San Francisco.

Locky Brownlie was in need of seamen.

Jaymes Vaughan drank in the pool.

Nyle DiMarco spread love.

Simon Dunn licked his cone.

Darren Criss flashed the ocean.

Russell Tovey sprawled out on the couch.

Pietro Boselli glowed on the beach.

PJ and Thomas McKay made out in Mexico.

Simon Sherry-Wood wore red for the Fourth.

Eliad Cohen stuck out his tongue.

Nir Rotenberg showed off his new belt.

Brian Jordan Alvarez whipped out his Speedo.

Stephen Amell was naked at the pool.

Gus Kenworthy took a hike.

Anthony Bowens “leaned up” for vacation.

Luke Evans got a tan.

Tom Daley spent his first week of fatherhood defining his “V-lines.”

Wilson Cruz soaked up the sun.

Fredrik Eklund bathed with his babies.

Mark Kanemura out-gayed himself.

Milan Christopher launched a line of dildos.

Marlon Teixeira sat in a shipping container.

Cody Christian dressed up for the airport.

The Chainsmokers went scuba diving.

Tyson Beckford showed off his chest.

And Frankie Grande celebrated Topless Tuesday.

h/t: Queerty