Trixie Mattel caught being racist in newly surfaced video, refuses to apologize

Trixie Mattel is under fire after video of her cracking a racist joke about another drag queen surfaced online.

The joke was made at the Hater’s Roast a couple of months ago. In the video, which began circulating on social media this week, the Drag Race All Stars 3 winner make a joke about her dress being made of cotton.

“I couldn’t decide what to wear so I wore this,” Trixie says. “It’s just like a cotton.”

Then she adds: “Latrice picked it.”

The joke was met with groans and gasps from the audience, to which Trixie quickly replied: “Oh, is that too far, Denver? What did you forget to invite your black friends tonight?”

Naturally, people aren’t super pleased about the joke, and we can’t say we blame them.

One Twitter user wrote: “making a joke about slavery is okay now???”

Another tweeted: “ew stop trying to defend trixie. crawl out of her ass for a sec and admit that ‘joke’ was gross, racist, and distasteful.”

But those expecting an apology from the drag star may be waiting a while.

Trixie responded to the criticism by tweeting, “If you think drag queens apologize for jokes at a roast, you watch too much TV.”

Sorry, Trix, but we’re gonna have to agree to disagree with you on this one. Hiding your racism behind your drag persona is not a good look.

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h/t: Queerty