Tweets From Opponents Of Marriage Equality Were As Unhinged As The Maniac Inside The Court

The Supreme Court arguments over the legality of same-sex marriage was punctuated by a nutjob leaping up from his seat and screaming, “The bible teaches us that if you support gay marriage you will burn in hell!”

Sure thing, Mister!

The outburst happened about 30 minutes into the arguments. One wonders whether the Catholic conservative justices were given pause by the extreme nature of the views expressed by religious conservatives generally, which not surprisingly were pretty far removed from reality.

Security escorted the protester from the court house. But the crazy didn’t end there. It continued all morning on Twitter. Fortunately, Twitter was ruled by proponents of equality.

Scroll down to see what opponents of same-sex marriage were tweeting about today…

Prov 29:2 “…when the wicked rules, the people groan…” Could this be why it appears America is coming apart at the seams?

— Tony Perkins (@tperkins) April 28, 2015

We need to scrap the corrupt IRS tax code, not the definition of marriage that’s sustained mankind for 5,000 years. #1m1w #StandforMarriage — Rick Santorum (@RickSantorum) April 28, 2015

Same-sex couples don’t have right to conceive children together. They’re like siblings, not infertile couples. #1m1w #SCOTUS #NMRA #Jenner — John Howard (@eggandsperm) April 28, 2015

Marriage is from God. It is not something that can be redefined by 5 unelected judges. #1M1W #SCOTUS — Cong. Tim Huelskamp (@CongHuelskamp) April 28, 2015

At SCOTUS this morning praying for marriage! #1m1w #freetobelieve #StandForMarriage — Chelsea Patterson (@Chelspat) April 28, 2015

this world needs Jesus. #prayforbaltimore #prayfornepal #prayformarriage — stephenjoseph ? (@stephenvstrex) April 28, 2015

“People are losing their jobs bc of their beliefs on marriage” – @kassiedulin #FreetoBelieve #FreeSpeech — Liberty Institute (@advanceliberty) April 28, 2015

Marriage existed before our Constitution, before America; it was established by God. #1m1w

— CWA of Texas (@CWAofTexas) April 28, 2015

Well, the Supreme Court begins hearing arguments on same-sex marriage today. The #MarriageEquality crowd is out in groves. #1Man1Woman — Mitch (@MitchEarwood) April 28, 2015

#Teens: Do you #agree that #marriage is between one 18-year-old #man and one 18-year-old #woman who are ready to #kiss?

— GOP Teens (@GOPTeens) April 26, 2015

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