Twitter is coming up with hilarious names for the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ sequel

We already knew that Call Me By Your Name — the 2017 gay film in which Armie Hammer with an assist from a lucky peach seduces a young man — was getting a sequel.

But now fans of the Academy Award-winning drama are coming up with possible titles for the sequel on Twitter, and many of them are pretty hilarious. Let’s play along!

Luca Guadagnino, the gay director of Call Me By Your Name, has said that he can’t simply call his sequel Call Me By Your Name Two. So here are some of the titles that Twitter users have come up with:

As for the sequel, Guadagnino has already revealed that it will follow Oliver and Elio as they reunite 15 years after their first meeting. It will take place during the start of the 1990s — at the height of the HIV epidemic — and Oliver will be married to a woman and have kids.

Sounds pretty serious. Perhaps the title should be The Honeymoon’s Over?

What are your ideas for the title?

h/t: Queerty