Watch Obama Say Exactly What The Supreme Court Needs To Do About Marriage

Just in case you weren’t paying attention, President Obama is now super-on-board with marriage equality. He endorsed it in 2011 before the last election, he had the Justice Department submit an anti-DOMA amicus brief in 2013, and he even said that married gay couples are “America at its best” during his State of the Union.

And now he’s gone even further, by explaining his position to a YouTube personality, which is pretty much the most official proclamation a sitting president can make.

In a conversation with GloZell Green, a YouTube celebrity who is, like all YouTube celebrities, inexplicably popular, Obama made his position clear. “I’m hopeful the Supreme Court will come to the right decision,” he said. “My hope is they go ahead and recognize what a majority of people in America now recognize. Two people who love each other and treat each other with respect, and aren’t bothering anybody, why would the law treat them any differently?”

He also pointed out that his administration has done a lot to create a climate in which marriage equality is possible. “We’ve done a lot to push it along,” he said. “We argued against the Defense of Marriage Act,” which is no small thing. And although he didn’t mention it, they’ve also reformed immigration policy so that married non-resident spouses can stay in this country.

Considering that the last guy in the White House wanted to put a marriage ban in the U.S. Constitution, it’s pretty nice to hear the president talk this way. Now, hopefully the next guy (or gal) to get the job will be just as good.

Here’s the video:

Source:: Queerty

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