Zac Efron Flashes A Glimpse Of What We’ve All Been Waiting To See

In today’s entertainment climate, it’s tough to get anyone’s attention if your film doesn’t boast lightsabers, mutant super powers or lightsabers.

But one clever exec has discovered a direct route to millennials’ highly coveted brainwaves that cuts through all the explosions and CGI: Zac Efron‘s peen!

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What’s so powerful about Zac Efron‘s peen is its ability to excite just by revealing a tiny portion of itself from within its dark, damp lair. Yes, much like other great beasts of the wilderness — from Australia’s deadly Eastern Brown Snake to the King Cobras that slither across South-east Asia — all it takes is one glimpse of Zac Efron‘s peen to send a shiver down your spine.

Quietly (we don’t want to scare it off) take a look at this rare creature as it emerges in the below GIFS to make us curiously interested in the film Dirty Grandpa:

Happy hunting, Explorers Club.


Source:: Queerty

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