12 Angry Men: When Public Cruising Goes Very Wrong

You know the old saying: What happens at the Wolfe Neck parking area near the Junction & Breakwater Trail stays at the Wolfe Neck parking area near the Junction & Breakwater Trail.

Except the party is over for 12 men who were recently arrested at the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware cruising area.

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The men range in age from 49 to 82, and the Washington Blade reports that “they were charged with an assortment of criminal violations, including offensive touching, criminal solicitation, lewdness, indecent exposure and loitering to engage in or solicit sex.”

We’re a bit torn on some of the charges. If you’re 82 and still frisky enough to be cruising for park trade, we’re not sure if you deserve a court date or a medal.

Police deployed plain-clothes officers to investigate the scene, and promise this won’t be the last bust. So be careful who you’re locking eyes with out there, fellas.

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“DNREC has received many complaints from the public about this type of activity at the Wolfe Neck location,” the park agency’s statement says. “DNREC’s continuing campaign to prevent public lewdness has made use of both uniformed and plainclothes officers and will continue to do so.”

Under Delaware law, two convictions in a three-year period of certain public sex-related offenses such as indecent exposure could result in someone having to register for life as a sex offender even if he was seeking consensual adult sex.

Source:: Queerty

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