12 Grindr Fails To Avoid If You Actually Want To Get Lucky This Weekend

Disney princes were recently outed on Grindr, much to the excitement of our 12-year-old-selves. We were absolutely thrilled to learn that Prince Eric is a “dom top into water sports” and that Prince Charming has a foot fetish. This got us thinking about how to approach guys on Grindr, and what the best and worst strategies are for successfully landing a “date.”

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First impressions are important. Especially when it comes to hooking up, er, dating. There’s a right way and a wrong way to strike up a conversation on Grindr. “Hey,” “Howdy,” or “How’s it going?” are usually good icebreakers, except to the guys who declare in their profiles “Please have something more to say that ‘Hey,’” for whom you will have to be somewhat more creative. Or just move along because, really, who cares?

Scroll down for how not to hit on a guy on Grindr…











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