Antigay Store Owner Hawking “No Gays Allowed” Hats And Bumper Stickers

Hardware store owner Jeff Amyx really, really, really doesn’t like gay people.

“I just don’t agree with their lifestyle,” he recently told WATE 6-TV. “I don’t want any part of it. I don’t want it around me and I’ll never agree with it.”

Amyx made headlines back in June, shortly after marriage equality became the law of the land, when he posted a sign in his store window that read “No Gays Allowed.” He again made headlines in August when he posted a string of bizarre antigay comments on his store’s Facebook page.

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Now, he’s hung a marker board outside his store asking customers to please sign it if they, too, hate gay people. So far, around 300 homophobes have proudly given their autographs, proving that bigotry is alive and well in Washburn, TN (population 2,500).

Being a savvy businessman, Amyx is now trying to capitalize on that bigotry. He’s started making antigay swag, which he sells in his store. The merchandise includes baseball hats with his store name on the front and “No Gays Allowed” on the back, which he sells for $5.00 a pop, and bumper stickers that say “Choose: God or Gays,” which go for fifty cents each.

“I’m just doing it because people have asked me for it,” Amyx said.

Amyx says he regularly receives hate mail for his extreme beliefs, but it hasn’t had an impact on his sales. He claims he’s already sold out of both the hats and the bumper stickers. He has more on order and he’s also considering selling T shirts as well.

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Source:: Queerty

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