Boys Were Raped, Given Shock Treatment To “Cure” Them Of Being Gay At This Facility

It wasn’t so long ago that horrific practices were routinely performed on young boys in an effort to “cure” them of being gay.

So-called “ex-gay” therapies still exist, and we owe it to ourselves to remember the cruel history of this misinformed abuse.

An Australian man who is now 60 years old recently offered yet another personal take on the institutionalized trauma he endured when he was a boy.

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He recently told a Roayal Commission he was repeatedly given shock treatments as a teenager at Turana youth correctional center in Victoria.

“I remember at times screaming from the pain of the electric shocks and being thrown from the chair,” said Robert Cummings, who was 16 when he was at the center in 1971.

“I learned from that point on not to say anything about the abuse as I felt I was still being punished and was not being believed about what was happening to me.”

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Sadly, the accusations don’t end there.

There have been some 200 people who have come forward to report stories of being regularly strip-searched, raped and violently attacked by staff at Turana from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Cummings said any complaint of abuse would only result in increased shock treatment.

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Source:: Queerty

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