Does Kevin King Have The Best Abs On Any Swimsuit Model In Miami? You Be The Judge

This is the second of Dan Renzi’s reports on Miami Fashion Week.

Meet Kevin King:

Kevin is a model. With those eyes, those lips, that hair, of course he is. Thankfully, Kevin also likes to work out:

Kevin was recently on display in some swimwear fashion shows,


and other than his awkward baseball hat, he was terrific. He was our favorite, actually. Please observe him working the runway in slo-mo (click the image to play):

Here he is modeling another pair of trunks for Maaji:

Why not walk the runway while holding a volleyball to show how sporty you are? Usually men in runway shows just march up and down and that’s it. But Kevin worked the moment. He gave us theeatah.

Witness the theatrics of this modeling moment. Kevin stalks down the runway:


He’s winding up, planning his big move—


—and BAM he hits it.


So humble. He models only for you.

That’s not to say the women didn’t kill it on the runway too at those swimsuit runway shows.


At the Caffe Swimwear show, serving full kaftan glamour realness.

But we have to give it up for the guys. If chisled and gorgeous isn’t your thing, here’s a photo of an Adonis who apparently travels everywhere with his own wind machine blowing his hair.


You’re welcome.

Source:: Queerty

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