DVD: “Chocolate City,” “Seashore,” “Stand,” “Wasp,” & More!

Hot male strippers, Brazilian teens getting close (Seashore, above), gay Russians in a pickle and a gay couple on a vacay gone wrong make up this very queer (and homoerotic) week in home entertainment.

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Chocolate City

($29.99 DVD; Paramount)

A hot college student (Robert Ri’chard) begins moonlighting as a male stripper on the DL from his family in this indie, black Magic Mike. While predictable enough, the big show scenes feature some amazing choreography and super hot bodies, including Tyson Beckford’s. Extras include a blooper reel.


($24.95 DVD; Wolfe)

In this artful and atmospheric Brazilian import, a trip to the seaside provides an opportunity for a pair of teenage friends, openly gay Tomaz and possibly not-too-straight Martin, to truly get close. Spoiler alert: they do indeed. Like, really close. You have permission to fast forward.


($24.99 DVD; TLA)

In this topical drama set in Russia, a gay couple witness what could be a brutal gay bashing. However, the pair is unsure what to do about it, since the country’s fiery homophobia and government stance could actually put them in hot water if they get too nosy. They eventually decide to investigate what was happening… and so goes this slow burn, tense drama.


($24.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

In this three character chamber drama, a British gay couple’s vacation in Provence, France, is disrupted when a female friend, recently dumped by her boyfriend, tags along. Things don’t go too well, though, as one of the guys and the girl begin to feel jealousy… and something more potentially threatening. Extras include a commentary and cast interviews.



Child 44

A Little Chaos

Every Secret Thing

How To Get Away With Murder: Season One

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