Is There A Colby Keller & Terry Miller Collaboration In The Works?

We’ve gotten word from a reliable source that Terry Miller (the underwear & leather model who happens to be married to Dan Savage) has been talking to swimwear designer Mr. Turk about doing a photo shoot with porn craftsman Colby Keller.

It’s a match made in heaven. After all, who hasn’t admired photos of Terry and Colby? Imagine the two together! Not since the 12th-century marriage between Eleanor of Aquitane and Henry, Duke of Normandy, has such a coupling been proposed.

Apparently this all started last week when @wadleywadley posted a pic of Colby wearing Mr. Turk.

Coming soon …. @colbydoesamerica venice beach …. #mrturkswimwear ….

A photo posted by wadleywadley (@wadleywadley) on Mar 4, 2015 at 2:43pm

That got tongues wagging on Twitter about roping in Terry for a shoot:

@ColbyCollective How about a joint swimwear shoot with @colbykeller & @fakedanshusband ? I’d like to see that!

— recipelegacy (@recipelegacy) March 6, 2015

Mr. Turk says he’s on board, and so’s Terry. That just leaves Colby (who faved the comment) and Wadleywadley.

@fakedanshusband @recipelegacy @ColbyCollective @colbykeller I’m in????

— Mr Turk (@MrTurk) March 11, 2015

With any luck, this will happen soon. In the meantime, Terry was kind enough to send Queerty photos of him and Colby each individually hanging out, doing their thing, and looking hot.

_MG_3766 copy

_MG_3781 copy

_MG_3826 copy

_MG_3881 copy

_MG_3909 copy












Bonus pic! Apparently the two men once actually ran into each other at The Eagle in Seattle during a Nark event (of course). Here’s the evidence:


Source:: Queerty

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