It’s Impossible To Stay Clothed Playing Strip Tennis With Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is having a bit of a moment (as if 14 Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal haven’t been enough) as the new face (and body, mostly body) of Tommy Hilfiger underwear.

In addition to that tease of a TV spot, Nadal, Hilfiger, some supermodels and Jane Lynch (obviously) got together in New York City’s Bryant Park to play some strip tennis.

Here are the relevant GIFs:

Starts out innocent enough


But these crowds came for skin


It’s not Nadal, but hell, we’ll take it



Sadly, Nadal never showed off his undies (wasn’t that the whole point?), but he still found a way to strip a little for the fans


Watch the whole stunt below:

Source:: Queerty

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