Man Comes Out To His Wife While Hammered, Denies It All The Next Morning

The “closeted married guy” is nothing new, but despite the social landscape becoming much more accepting for everyone to live as their true selves, many still wind up entangled in a web of lies, unable to see light at the end of the tunnel.

But the truth has a funny way of bubbling to the surface.

In this case, a rightfully upset woman in her mid 20s is concerned that her 30-year-old husband of four years may be hiding his sexuality from her. And like may revealed secrets before it, alcohol acted as the lubricant.

“I have never had the suspicion that he was gay,” she writes on Reddit, though she admits, “The only signs I can really think of is that it took him a while to initiate sex (I always thought he was just shy like he said). I still have to initiate sex often because he’ll only do it like once a week and sometimes won’t even finish himself off. Sex is over once I’ve finished and we barely have any foreplay before.”

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One night the two attended a friend’s party, where her husband (who isn’t usually much of a drinker) proceeded to knock ’em back like he owned the place.

When they got back home, he hit the whiskey bottle for a night cap or two.

“I’m tired so I decide to head off to bed,” she recalls. “I go to give him a kiss like usual. As soon as I started bringing my face closer to his, he leaned back so far he almost fell off the chair. He had this really confused/disgusted look on his face and I laughed at first, but then when I went to kiss him on his cheek, He pushed my face away. Then he looked at me really shocked and said ‘No I’m gay!’”

That night she couldn’t sleep, replaying the events over and over inside her head.

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“The next day, we were having breakfast and he was extremely hungover. I start telling him how drunk he was last night and he just laughs. Then I told him about what he did/said and he looks straight up at me really worried. I must have looked really upset because right after he said ‘everyone says stupid things when they’re drunk, forget about it.’ Then he walked off saying he needs a shower. He’s been a little distant ever since.”

Either way, she’s 26 and in a rocky marriage. Add the likelihood that he actually is gay, and we say get out while you’re young!

As for the husband, it’s time for him to kick himself in the ass and get honest — he’s got to start somewhere.

Source:: Queerty

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