Man “Shocked” To Learn His Boyfriend Is A “Cross Dresser” Named Mandy

A 23-year-old man from the U.K. says he’s at his “wits’ end” after learning his 55-year-old boyfriend of six months is a “cross dresser.”

“We met through our mutual love of country dancing,” the young man writes to advice columnist Colleen Nolan at the Mirror. “I was in awe of this strong, confident older man and to my surprise, my affections were reciprocated.”

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According to the man, everything about their relationship has been extraordinary, “the sex in particular.” That is, until a few weeks ago.

“A business trip that had been scheduled to stretch over an entire weekend finished earlier than expected so I decided to surprise my man and come home early,” he writes. “However, my excitement soon turned to shock and confusion when my boyfriend answered the knock on his door wearing a strappy red dress, long blonde wig and full make-up.”

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The young man continues: “I immediately stormed off, not knowing what was going on or how I should think. Later, my partner called me and tried to explain that what I had seen was his other ‘persona’ Mandy.”

Now, he doesn’t know what to do.

“I love my boyfriend but as himself and not as Mandy,” he writes. “How can I tell him without hurting him?”

In her response, Colleen doesn’t seem to think the boyfriend’s fondness for wearing women’s clothing is all that big a deal.

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“I know a man who’s been cross-dressing for 32 years and goes to a club in Manchester every Thursday night dressed as a woman,” she responds, nonchalantly. “That’s his thing.”

She continues, “However, he never dresses up in front of his wife, although she knows he does it. She just doesn’t want to be involved in that side of his life. Maybe that’s the answer for you and your boyfriend.”

“Mandy is obviously a big part of your boyfriend’s persona so she’s not going to pack her bags and move out,” Colleen concludes.”The only way to work through it and decide what you do from here is to have an open and frank discussion.”

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Source:: Queerty

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