More Unseen Madonna Video Footage Leaks; Who’s Responsible And What’s Next?

It’s been months weeks days a few hours since we last posted about Madonna and you know how she can be if we go too long without writing about her… So today in What’s Up With Madonna, Inc., AKA Queerty, we’ve been treated to 37 minutes of previously-unseen footage from her 1993 video for “Rain,” the moody fifth single from her 1992 album Erotica.

Hot on the stilettos of last week’s leak of unseen “Vogue” footage, many are wondering who’s responsible for this sudden surplus of vintage video goodness. Is Madonna behind it in an effort to drum up interest in her upcoming Rebel Heart tour? Perhaps its her recently retired publicist Liz Rozenberg who is throwing caution to the wind while clearing out her office. Her mischievous brother Christopher Ciccone? Who can say? Life is a mystery, as she once sang elsewhere. The “Rain” clip was uploaded to Rutube, a web video streaming service targeted to Russian speakers so there’s that red herring.

Regardless, this is getting to be a habit we can get used to. If Goddess is listening, here’s what we want next:

• Outtakes from “Open Your Heart,” “Express Yourself” and “Deeper and Deeper”

• Blu-ray of HBO’s Madonna – Live! Blond Ambition World Tour 90

• Deleted scenes from Body of Evidence

• An audio commentary on Evita

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Without further ado, here’s never-before-released B-roll footage from the making of “Rain.”

Source:: Queerty

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